The Oringinal Granite Brackets

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A History of the Granite Bracket

Developed and Invented by:

Luis A_ Mercado, 11361 Trade CL, D347,379 S * 5/1994 Alt ............................ .. D8/367 Jacksonville, FL (US) 32256

As a fabricator and installer of stone or quartz countertops, you want to stand out from the crowd. By offering your customers the option of having MCorbs installed you give them a more stable and strong installation of their bar top or countertop overhang, as well as a custom and unique look that is highly functional, setting yourself apart from the rest. The MCorb is very affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Fabricators tell us that nearly every customer they do work for request the MCorb and it has increased their referrals as well.

Luis A Mercado.

The inventor of the "Original Granite Bracket"